What kind of Partner are you?

At i-SURF we obviously understand that not all partners are the same so our i-SURF Partner Programme supports 3 different levels of partnership all of which benefit from access to our secure i-SURF Partner Portal to support you in the sales and provisioning process of i-SURF services.

i-SURF Authorised Dealer

A typical i-SURF dealer would sell i-SURF broadband services as a standalone product, as part of a package of services to its existing clients or as an up-sell to its existing client base. For example you could be selling IT Support services! As a dealer you would be responsible for signing the customer on a i-SURF contract and then i-SURF will be responsible for all after sales support and billing to the end client so all you would have to do is collect residual commission payments.

If you want to apply to become an i-SURF Dealer fill in the brief form on the left and we will get in contact with you ASAP.

i-SURF Authorised Reseller

A typical i-SURF Reseller would have an existing client base that would benefit from the addition of i-SURF broadband services to their existing product/service portfolio.   You could already be reselling other SP services such as ADSL or IP Telephony or you could be building and supporting customer ICT Systems, in any case i-SURF services could be resold to your clients that are either not happy with their current services or don’t have access to comparable services. As an Authorised i-SURF Reseller you would be able to purchase services on a discounted basis from i-SURF and you would maintain the customer billing and support relationship.  Your overall earning capability would be linked to level of business with i-SURF, i.e. the more business the more discount you would receive. i-SURF would provide access to our Partner Portal to assist you with provisioning and support of your clients.

If you think you could qualify as a Reseller please fill in the form on the left and we will be in contact ASAP.

i-SURF Solution Partner

Normally a typical partner in this category would provide a solution or service which relies on a high speed, resilient data network to support their installed base. You could be a SaaS provider, a hosting provider or any other application or service provider that relies on High Speed Broadband. Obviously as a Solution Partner you would be able to purchase services from i-SURF on a white label basis  at wholesale rates.    You would be fully responsible for all customer billing and support of the service.  i-SURF would provide 3rd level support as required and provide access to our Partner Portal to assist with sales forecasting and provisioning.   Solution Partners would be expected to deliver minimum levels of business on an annual basis.

If you think you could qualify as a solution provider please fill in the form on the left and we will be in contact with you ASAP.

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