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i-SURF is the satellite broadband product brand of 4 Oceans Telecom Ltd

4Oceans is a new Alternative Network Provider in South Africa, and the power behind i-SURF.   4Oceans is dedicated to addressing the Internet inequality experienced by individuals and small businesses who are unable to connect online at a fair price.

Where our universal i-SURF broadband portfolio addresses your requirements, you can be assured that you will receive the very best value in satellite broadband wherever you are located in South Africa. Genuinely cost effective and attainable options for individuals, families and businesses currently deprived of reasonably priced broadband connectivity.

If you have more complex business requirements or if you need to integrate a number of network connections or specific applications, then we’d be delighted to discuss your specific environment and offer bespoke 4Oceans’ solutions.

4Oceans recognise that complex and specific need not mean costly or over-engineered. Indeed many business applications require overriding quality of service, with reliability and continuity superseding basic GB capacity needs. 4Oceans’ Ka-band satellite technology delivers superbly on these service based parameters and can be leveraged to deliver business consistency and value.

To find out more about 4Oceans bespoke and integrated solutions and how we can support your application needs regardless of location and without breaking your bank account, click through to the 4Oceans website at www.4oceans.co.za.

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