i-SURF’s mission is to make a real difference by extending the benefits of the Internet from the few to the many – right across South Africa.

Our aim is to enable cost effective broadband internet access for all individuals, families, schools, and businesses anywhere in South Africa. From north to south, east to west – even if you live or work in a remote rural location many miles from current landline and mobile connections.

It’s quite clear that there are distinct internet inequalities across the country – those who can access affordable broadband internet connectivity and those who cannot. Whilst some urban areas are now becoming equipped with super-fast fibre optic and 4G mobile connections, many out of town and rural locations have no credible options at all.

It certainly helps if you are better off!  For instance some ‘gated communities’ are actually taking matters into their own hands and paying to have specific broadband infrastructure laid to their door.

That’s how important Internet connectivity is!

Because without effective Internet access, individuals become disenfranchised from basic government services, children become disadvantaged in their schoolwork and academic achievement and companies, large and small become unable to compete equally in the modern internet led world.

So what happens if you cannot afford to pay over the odds for Internet access?

Well the truth is that until now, if you have been unable to connect to an existing landline, mobile or wireless network then the options have been beyond the means of most.

That’s where i-SURF satellite broadband fits in. Whilst traditional satellite services were expensive and unreliable, i-SURF uses cost effective and ultra-reliable Ka-band technology to enable Internet access at speeds between 2 and 10 Mb/s for almost every home and business in South Africa. In fact if we can fit a satellite dish to your building then you have everything you need to get online.

What’s more, whilst you will need to purchase a satellite dish i-SURF monthly rentals are not that much more than standard landline connections and are comparable and often cheaper than Mobile options. And because our connections are fixed rather than mobile, you can be assured that connection quality and speed will be reliable and consistent.

So whilst we can see that i-SURF may not be the answer for everyone – for instance, in truth, if your seeking super-fast video services at speeds in excess of 10 Mb/s and absolutely unlimited downloads in excess of 100 GB/s per month, then we might not meet absolutely all your needs.

However, if you’re a family looking to browse, surf, email and use social media or even to download or stream a few movies then we can offer you a great service that you’ll love without breaking the bank. Or if you’re a business struggling to connect to the cloud and communicate your products and services to your customers then we can get you online quickly and affordably so you can compete effectively in your market.

We hope that you’ll agree that i-SURF is a real option for anyone that is struggling to get an effective Internet connection at a reasonable price and we really hope that we can make a difference by extending the benefits of the internet to everyone. We also hope that you’ll check out our packages and we’d be absolutely delighted to have you as customer.

We really are here to help you get online. So do please tell us what you think of our services and if you’d like to join the i-SURF family then just select the package best suited to your needs and we’ll have you online in no time!

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