Bespoke solutions

i-SURF offers a wide range of enhanced Satellite Broadband solutions such as VoIP over Satellite

We also have solutions for VPN over Satellite, enhanced VoIP over Satellite as well as bonded Satellite solutions with much higher upload speeds.

For the more technically minded, our Home Office or Small Business user solutions use the latest DVB-S standards and Embedded TCP & HTML acceleration technology delivering a superior web browsing experience over Satellite.

For advanced business requirements, our bespoke network solutions team at 4oceans can offer support for the growing list of business applications ranging from remote workers,  VPN, Hosted IP Telephony and high speed central site access to support the latest back office solutions.

Events, exhibitions & temporary installations

Whether you’re holding an event in the middle of the city or the middle of nowhere, 4oceans can supply a mobile satellite unit to make sure that staying connected is not one of your headaches. No matter where you are in the country we can set up wireless and wired solutions to suit any number of connections. You can rent the system from a single day upwards and our experienced field engineers are always happy to make sure that our solution helps to make the most of your event.

Examples of the events we have covered are Music Festivals, Product road-shows, Industry forums and Pop Concerts.

Increasingly, we are being asked to provide mobile satellite broadband for temporary businesses locations – for example construction or building sites with temporary offices, temporary office sites during building refurbishments, etc. Talk to our team and see how we can provide a bespoke broadband solution for you.

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